Five tips to save on vacation

The plane is the fastest way to go on vacation, but it is also often the most expensive . You can search for offers that start mid-week instead of the weekend. In fact, the planes are often empty from Tuesday to Thursday and, in order to fill them, the airlines apply super discounted rates.

Or you can consider taking a train . It does not always cost less than a low cost flight, especially if you travel on high speed trains, but if you are satisfied with a regional train, train tickets are very cheap.

If you can freely decide the period in which to leave and you are not tied to particular closings, the best choice to save is always to travel in the low season . Even the most expensive destinations in lean periods can have lower prices. The low season depends not only on the tourist turnout, but also on the climate .

Traveling in company , in addition to being pleasant, is also a way of sharing expenses and saving costs. If you rent a car or if you decide to rent an apartment you will save a lot rather than traveling by bus or staying in a single hotel room.

Booking at the last minute can have its advantages. You can find last minute offers that allow you to save between 30 and 60% . Often, however, offers can also be found by booking well in advance ( first minute ), even one year with the other, or as soon as the new seasonal rates are communicated. This is the case of air flights which, often and willingly, at the time of the announcement are offered at super discounted prices for a short period of time.

Finally, setting a budget for your vacation allows you not to exceed your expenses. Helps keep costs down and avoid getting nasty surprises at the end of a stay.